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The Best Vail HVAC Services

Vail, have you been looking for the #1 Air Conditioner and heating Repair Service Company east of Tucson? Look no further! Southern Comfort is the #1 premier choice for all of your AC Repairs and even installations.

When looking to service an AC unit or install a new air conditioner, we always recommend hiring a team of qualified technicians.

Because an incorrect repair or installation can end up costing thousands when done incorrectly, it’s important to have an experienced company in mind for when the occasion arises–and we want you to know that we are here for you!

Reliable Vail HVAC Service

At Southern Comfort, we provide a 100% guarantee of services on our work and installation, which means you will never have to worry if a repair or installation is done incorrectly.

At Southern Comfort, we know that in Vail it gets hot during the summer months–really hot. That’s why we offer around the clock services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience.

We know that in a busy life things don’t always break when it’s most convenient but we pride ourselves on helping you to get your repair done as swiftly and timely as possible when the emergency arises.

Common AC Repairs We Service

Southern Comfort experiences a wide array of issues that we service, but there are a few that are most common.

Compressor Issues – In many instances one of the most Common AC repair services is for compressor malfunction. A compressor is a mechanism that pressurizes refrigerant so that heat can be released.

It’s body houses a motor and a good amount of electrical wiring. Since this component is under a large amount of stress, especially in the heat of Vail, Arizona, it’s not uncommon for them to go out frequently.

Fan Problems – An AC system has two fans. An evaporator fan and condenser fan. Because the fans on your air conditioning unit are always in motion when the unit is in use, it is typical to see them go out over time.

Refrigerant – The last most common issue we see is refrigerant leads. Finding leaks is a challenge and a professional must handle the leak due to legal requirements that dictate how it is released into the atmosphere, cycled and re-filled. If you believe you’re experiencing a leak, we recommend calling asap.

In addition to air conditioning and AC repair services, we also offer service plans to our clients in Vail to help keep your air conditioner in pristine working condition year round. When you schedule a service repair make sure to ask how we can help you with routine inspections to keep your investment from breaking again!

Servicing Vail’s AC Repairs

If you’re experiencing any issues related to your air conditioner not running, turning on, cooling or heating, give us a call today. Southern Comfort prides it’s self on being the premier AC Repair company of choice for Vail, Arizona since 1970. With a 5-Star rated service and transparent quotes and pricing, we refuse to be beat. We’re here to help you and get your AC Repaired or Installed today.